Happy Apes NFT

Innovative NFTs


This collection uses many
different fashions of
various cultures and
costumes of the planet
to make its NFT designs
completely unique.
Nearly 500 Traits, including
combination of different backgrounds,
to make numerous backgrounds

With traits combination
possibility of over

The Business Strategies

Floor Price Steady Growth

After a few months, the floor price of HAF grew from 0.01ETH to 0.05ETH. Owners from 12, reached to 157. Another 100% and then 1000% growth in floor price have been programmed for next months.
8th Feb 2022
Get A Meta Bugs NFT For Free

We just started to distribute Meta Bugs NFTs.
Each owner of HAP NFTs will be rewarded a Meta Bugs NFT.
This collection is pixelated, animated GIFs which are Completely different from current NFTs over all blockchains. All NFTs are machinery produced with random colors. The mathematical algorithm has been used to create incredible motions.
To claim your Meta Bug contact us via Discord or Twitter
Scarce Supply, Burning Tokens

Only 30 items exist under 0.1ETH .
About 5% of tokens were burned. Listing items won't happen anymore. The policy of HAF is to make this NFT collection a better business for owners.
8th Feb 2022